Latest works

Projekt: Ascendant - comicbook
Client: Ascendant Studio



Projekt: Timberborn - promo art
Client: Mechanistry


Projekt: The Beast Inside - cover art
Client: PlayWay
 Kickstarter Page

Projekt: WWII Alies - Deck 
Client: Trefl


Projekt: Ambition
Client: Platige Image
VFX / Movie Short

Environment Art

The Wasteland's i made is an early conception of world design.
One of the goal in this concept wos made a mystical form at horison of wilderness.

Props design
Nano Robots

Micro Scale Nano robots - concept designs

Props design
The Stone

I have a pleasure working at creation of the Stone. This is a few concepts i made :)
The goal of this concept wos show the Stone as living form, creatied by ambiton disciple.

Concept Art
Solar System